PANGEA SPEED is a small operation in Salt Lake City Utah. Since we have a limited staff time is limited. Below I will try to save us both some time by answering a few of the most frequently asked questions. 


"I just placed my order, can I get my tracking number?"

When your order is processed through our shipping software you will be emailed a tracking number.


"I just placed my order, when does it ship?"

We aren't Amazon... but we are taking steps in that direction. In most cases your order will ship with in 48hrs on weekday orders and 72hrs on weekend orders. occasionally it might take a little longer if we run into an inventory issue, but that is rare. 

"My package hasn’t shown up what do I “

Do you have a tracking number in your email? If yes check the status associated with that number. 
If no and it has been 4-5days since your order email us and we can let you know What is going on. 

Pangea Speed releases responsibility of your order once we drop it in the mail. It is not our fault if the mail carrier losses your package or if someone steals the package off your porch.  If the tracking number says delivered Or in transit and you don’t have the package that is not Pangea Speeds Responsibility.

NOTE: international orders have been experiencing incredibly long shipping times lately (post covid) some orders have taken over 75 days. This is not our fault so order at your own risk. When the tracking stops at a US port usually Chicago that typically means that your package is now in the hands of your domestic country’s postal system. At that point there is virtually nothing pangea speed can do. Please contact your post master and see what kind of help they can offer, you might owe duties and taxes in order for them to release your package.   Once again order at your own risk, we will not refund you for an order that was lost in the mail. 

Note 2: A lot of our international shipments are mailed via USPS and apparently they have been using a third party company called GLOBAL POST. Please make sure to go on their site and enter your tracking number because in a few cases we have seen people tracking numbers change to a global post number and their package is in holding or being returned because of taxes and duties being due. Enter your usps tracking numbers on this site. https://www.goglobalpost.com/track/


"Do you ship internationally?"

Absolutely, we love shipping parts all over the world.


"I live in England why is the shipping so expensive?"

We are sorry but we are not in control of the prices that these companies charge to ship. But we do our best to make sure that you receive the best shipping price possible form our carriers.   If you are in Europe you might want to order through our dealer W&W  to save on shipping.


"When is PART XYZ going to be back in stock?"

It is always really hard to predict this... all these parts are custom and take a lot of hand work and sub processes. sometimes the chrome shop gets backed up. 


"PART XYZ has been out of stock for a while can I reserve one when they are back in stock?"

Sorry but we have made it policy to not over sell or do pre orders. Since we can't project an exact time for the parts to be back in stock It is not worth the let down to you the customer for us to take your money ahead of time.


"I love Part XYZ but can I get it taller, shorter, wider, etc?"

We do not offer customized sizes on our parts. we have developed specialized fixtures for these parts and frankly just do not have the time to produce one off parts.


"Do you offer your bars in black or with dimples?"



"I am local Do you guys have a retail store that I can come pick up parts?"

In order to offer faster shipping services we have partnered with a shipping warehouse. Due to this partnership we have done away with our retail store. 

“ What does your warranty cover? "

     The warranty covers manufacturing defects, that means did the part fail because of something we did wrong???? If so send an email with the proof of purchase ( invoice or order number etc) and we will arrange the replacement, repair, or refund on your part. 
     What we do not warranty.. Crash Damage, Wear and Tear, Electrical Components ETC. 

“ I would like to return this part I bought and get a refund what should I do? “

We aren’t target or Home Depot and we do not like doing returns. Make sure you buy the part you intend to use or if you change your mind put it on @chopperswapper or give it to your friend for their birthday.  We will not accept a return on a part that has been mounted to a motorcycle. If you bought the wrong part and you have not tried to install it, sent us an email and we will work out a return.  WE DO NOT REFUND ANY SHIPPING COSTS THAT IS ON YOU!





"How do I get in contact with you?"

The best way is to send us an email to: PANGEASPEED@GMAIL.COM we try to check our email at least once a day.